We will evaluate a property prior to land acquisition and perform due diligence services in order to mitigate costly risk. Using the feasibility study, we will collect data about the property and its surroundings.

It all starts with planning. We will do all the investigative work and review special needs to come up with unique land layout concepts and building designs.

concept plan.png

We will create a construction budget, a phased plan for construction, and financing pro forma outlining the income and expenses you will be able to get a look into the future of your project.

Platinum Team handles all municipality regulations, zoning, variances, and state requirements to accelerate the licensing and approval of the development.

We will create and design your project from top to bottom, including the exterior, interior, and landscaping. Then, we will design and create exterior and interior selection

purchasing packages.

Platinum Team Architecture

Our in-house architect will create architectural plans for the project consistent with the owner's concept. They then assist in the engineering process based upon the client's concept, municipality, and state requirements.

Platinum Team General Contracting

Platinum Team provides step-by-step oversight of your project until completion, staying committed to meeting every aspect of the site's construction needs through hands-on involvement. This process also involves draw/payment services, site inspections, and contractor oversite. 

Our crews will oversee and complete the entire construction process and day to day operations with diligence and care, including bidding vendors and subs thoroughly in order to ensure clients the best deal, products, and quality of work. 

Platinum Team Commercial

For all the properties under our watch, Platinum Team markets and promotes through social media, print media, signage, and other marketing campaigns, in order to get the word out about the exciting new development we and our client have turned into reality.


One of our favorite parts of the process is providing property management for owners looking to lease tenant space as well as in-house brands. Some of our favorite concepts include restaurants and large-scale entertainment spaces.


Once construction nears completion, our knowledgeable real estate teams will take over the job of marketing all residential, commercial, and/or industrial real estate with respect to the owner to guarantee a rigorous sales process. 

Our brokerage team is committed to performing all the duties required to rent, buy, or sell a property. We will discuss conditions of sales, draw up contracts, and represent sellers or buyers in buying, selling, and leasing.